Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.

Well we made it to Yellowstone.  I have to say I was even impressed.  I could sense the grand Tetons but even more I could smell the buffalo and other animals that had passed through areas.  In some places I could tell that a fire had gone through some time ago.  I loved the clean air and cool temps, but was not pleased with all the
“dogs not allowed” signs.IMG_0084_2  I wanted to Pee on the sign post but master wouldn’t let me.  I guess they don’t want us dogs going for the water especially ones like me that love water.  Here is what it looked like when the water came.  Master says it was hot water and I wouldn’t like it.IMG_0386IMG_0096_2  While we were waiting for Ole Faithful to spray water in the sky we got a visit by a raven who wanted Steve’s lunch.  I told him to buzz off.IMG_0392Later we stopped at a couple of lakes and saw parts of the snake river.  I even got pictured near the Grand Tetons.IMG_0396IMG_0121_2IMG_0405 If you are wondering what has got my attention it is a herd of horses that smell like Bison.  I didn’t know it (I can’t see) but there was a herd of Bison across the road and the wind carried the smell to my side.  IMG_0226.  Here is some info re: The Grand Tetons IMG_0115_2  Steve took a selfie with the Tetons behind him IMG_1108  Well, that’s it for now we’ve got to hit the road soon and hope to make it past Sheridan, Wyoming before nightfall.  We’ll be going through Yellowstone (master Steve says his “senior” pass to the national parks makes it possible to go in and out without paying a fee for life and he thinks that’s pretty cool) , out the east entrance then through the Big Horn National Forest so I hope we’ll get some good pictures if the weather isn’t too cloudy.    Oh, I hear that many people are pitching in for my eye operation

I want to thank everyone and hope someday to be able to see my master again and all the sights, but this trip is helping me get in touch with my inner dog and not be afraid of new things (I still don’t like stairs). Even the cashier at Yellowstone pitched in after seeing me gingerly walk across the tile floor (I was afraid that there would be “steps” and I would drop down).  Anyway, bye for now and keep smiling.IMG_0120_2


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