Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Hi readers,  we made it to Jackson Hole yesterday afternoon going through 3 states (Montana, Idaho and into Wyoming) not bad for a blind dog, eh?   Mostly I laid in the back of the car and slept but occasionally I’d get up turn around and lay back down again.  Master stopped every couple of hours so I could stretch, take a walk and a pee.  At lunch we ate at a rest area and I got a longer walk.  Everything smells so different yet I recognize many smells as well.  IMG_0071 Here is saying goodbye to Montana looking at some tall mountains, but the ones here in Jackson Hole are even bigger.  However, when we arrived it was overcast a little rainy and the big mountains “the Grand Tetons” were covered in clouds.  Steve will try to get some better pictures in the morning. IMG_0062IMG_0023

Here is where we are staying in Jackson (the city in Jackson Hole.  IMG_0082

I think it’s called Jackson Hole because the mountains surround it creating an effect of being in a hole yet it still is pretty high in altitude.IMG_0068 As you can see they ski around here.  The building in the picture with the ski area is the building master and I are staying in. We’ve got a handicap room as I can’t do stairs. Pretty nice of the people and it was a better price then some of the other rooms (at least that’s what Steve told me.  We plan to stay here one more night and today we will drive up into Yellowstone walk around see the sights, smell the smells and hear the sounds of Yellowstone.  Then back down to Jackson for bed.  It’s suppose to be “partly cloudy” but let’s hope there is enough clear times to get some good pictures of these mountains.

Well that’s it for now, we started this blog last night but the internet got so slow we couldn’t finish it.  Talk with you later.IMG_0075  Rocky Dog


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