Cinco de dia – Road trip through Washington, Idaho and into Montana

First, let me say that was a heck of a long time in the car.  I could turn around okay but hey I like to run and play like the next dog and “rest stops” were too far and few for my tastes.  I did find the scents quite interesting though both waifing through the car and when I was outside.  The weather was excellent about 74◦ and the sun was shining all day with one area of smoky fog but, the sun set early in the passes through the mountains.  You could see and sense the sun but the road we were on was in the dark.  Temperatures would drop down to 55◦ and then go back up when we’d get out of the shadows.   The foliage was beautiful especially on State Rt 2 in Washington state we winded through canyons and passes including Steven’s Pass following rivers most of the way. We went past some big wide rivers, smaller ones, big lakes, including Lake Coeur D’Alene in Idaho.   I couldn’t see the colors (or the foliage for that matter) very well but I could smell the changes in the leaves and hear the river running in it’s banks.

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0031

Steve says that the best views of the foliage came where he couldn’t pull of the road and take a picture and when we found this turn out it was still great but you should have seen the ones that got away.  Of course, it would be nice if I could see ’em. I just have to take Steve’s word for it and I do.  Perhaps,, you can tell me if any seem cool or not.  Steve reads to me all of your comments.  He says’ I’m getting more likes everyday.  Coool!  Thanks.

Well, that’s it for tonight we’ve got to turn in as we plan to get to Jackson Hole Wyoming tomorrow and want to get an early start.

Adios Amigos

Rocky Dog

PS  I forgot to tell you we’re learning Spanish and we practiced our lessons for over an hour today.  Steve says that it helped the time go by quicker, but I don’t know it was still a hell of a long ride.



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