Day #4 Bellingham Washington – Lake Whatcom

IMG_1073Hey Y’all I want to present lake Whatcom to you it’s pretty cool and I had a lot of fun here with my pack IMG_1076  We went on a great walk/run and swam a couple of times at different places it was a beautiful day warm, sunny with little breeze. I don’t know why master and the rest of the pack didn’t go swimming Margaux and I had a great time.  Margaux was able to fetch a ball in the water and thrown on land.  I can’t do that as I can’t see the ball I still had fun though watching Margaux and at times we were on our own together enjoying each other’s company (sometimes humans can be kind of boring missing all the great smells along the trail.IMG_1068

(You might need to zoom your focus to see me.).  Anyway, after our trek at the lake we went back to Uncle Rick’s and enjoyed the rest of the day with Rick, Chris, Anastasia, Margaux and Cisi (Rick and Chris’ friend from Cedro Wooly).  We had some beer can chicken, squash, salad and potatoes and hung out at Rick and Chris’ IMG_1063IMG_1061IMG_1060Actually, I didn’t get the salad nor potatoes but I enjoyed plenty of beer can chicken, yummy!  Master tells me that all of the meal was scrumptious.

Later we sat around an outside fire I got my tummy rubbed while  Steve played guitar.  It was a lot of fun but then I had to go up the steps again.  Master was a little forceful but I navigated the last step all by myself.  It really sucks not to be able to see.  But, hey I’m not complaining I’ve got a great master and his family all appear not only to be dog people but dog lovers.  It’s heaven for me.

I didn’t get to pee on Rick’s Buddha because it was too hard to get to and I couldn’t find it, but I did pee on a holy nun in the garden and their Rooster/eagle.  I’m told the Rooster was commissioned from a chain saw carving artist but appears to have eagle talons and Steve says the comb looks like Donald Trumps hair – whoever he is?IMG_1057


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