Day #3 Bellingham Washington with Uncle Rick

IMG_1015 Well, we made it up to Bellingham Washington despite the traffic around Seattle and Bellevue.  Steve said he saw at least 3 lamborgini’s driving on the highway.  I could barely hear their tuned exhausts but I could tell they were different then all the other cars and trucks on the road. It was a short ride from Olympia (Roosevelt Betty and Willy’s place) but I was still ready to get out of the car and onto good dirt.

Steve’s brother “Uncle Rick” is cool he played with me and Rick and Chris have cool dog named Margaux (my cousin) She likes to play but gets a little upset when I miss the cues.  Here’s a picture of her at the foot of my other human cousin Anastasia IMG_1025IMG_1020Here’s she’s trying to get me to play but I’m busy tossing with Uncle Rick.

Anyway, there are steps here too but I’m getting better with them though going up is still intimidating for me as I’m afraid I’m going to fall through the cracks.

Rick, Chris and Steve have been talking about our next major goal which is a 2 day journey east to Yellowstone National Park which sounds like a real interesting place.  I imagine that there will be all sorts of new smells there like Buffalo (I’ve never smelled Buffalo before) Elk, etc..  Rick and Chris’s friend Linda says this is the time of the year that the Elk are bugling which is pretty cool. I know I’ll be able to hear them and perhaps I’ll figure out what there saying.  If so, I’ll convey it to master so he can convert it to words for you folk.

Well that’s it for now but I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of where I’m at and the people I’m staying withIMG_1028



Love and Namasté



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