A question for you all to consider if you will.


As you already know and can see in this picture – I can’t see very well.  Master looked into an operation for me but it costs $2000 an eye to fix my sight and he says if he was Paul Allen I’d be seeing today but he’s not so the expense is prohibitive.  However, Linda at dinner last night suggested that perhaps some of my followers or others might be willing to contribute a couple of dollars (she says she’ll pitch in $20) that I might be able to get the surgery.

What do you think?  Will you share this blog with your friends so they can consider it?  I’d really like to see again it will make stairs much easier (I envied Margaux as she just leaped up the stairs).  Just a thought and if anyone has any other ideas I’m all ears (they are pretty soft too).

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Rocky Dog


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