Day #2 Steamboat Island

IMG_0998Here’s the view from Steamboat Island, WA I didn’t get to this point as Steve and Rose went on a bike ride around the Island while I stayed at Roosevelt’s alone.  Yesterday, I went with them on a walk to the island and played in the water – now that was fun.  Until, we had to get off the beach and I had to climb the sea wall with master’s help of course – that’s why he’s called master.  Because his job is to master these things for me.  Anyway, he helped me get up and it was okay, but everything smells different here and there is a lot of noise I don’t recognize so, I’m have a hard time getting used to these new places.IMG_1002Hyiah who is a reincarnation of the Goddess Epona suggested to master to get me some “rescue remedy” .  Hey, I’m up for anything.  Steve, has been giving me hugs, brushings, messages and talking to me.  I’m more comforted now with him sitting next to me while he blogs my words/thoughts.  I don’t like it when he pays attention to Roosevelt Betty or Hila as then he isn’t with me.  I don’t mind so much when Rose and him play guitars and sing as that reminds me of home when Rose used to come over and they played for hours.  DSCF0270Here’s Rose’s dog Willy we are tracking each other’s scent he goes where I go then I go where he goes it’s a dog thing.    Anyway, I’d like to play with Willy and this morning he started to play but after a minute he was done and I was just starting to figure out the game.  I’m not complaining as you can see I have a nice back yard that’s fenced to play in, it has running water and I can even Pee on BuddhaIMG_1007  I don’t think Buddha minded and Roosevelt kinda chuckled but, hey I get nervous in new places I’m not used to.  Steven talked about bailing on the trip and going back home, part of me whats that but the other part wants to go on the quest together with Steve.  So, we’ll wait until we get to his brother Rick’s place and see if I can be less anxious (I also told master to get some of the rescue remedy for me).

So all in all Day #2 was a little difficult for me but nothing dangerous just different and when you are a blind dog familiarity breeds comfort.  Pray that I get used to all this new stuff fast.


Rocky Dog

PS Buddha I hope you understood the pee mail I left you.


4 thoughts on “Day #2 Steamboat Island

  1. Hey Rocky! I have a Buddha you can pee on too! Don’t get too anxious. Traveling is fun once you get used to it. I have been all around the world in cars, on trains and buses and on airplanes and boats. Probably not so much fun when you are blind, but I think you will get used to it. Looking forward to seeing you. Margaux.

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    1. Thanks Margaux Steve sat with me and I felt better but I don’t like stairs I’m afraid I’m going to fall on my face or get my legs stuck between the spaces. I will be up to see you tomorrow I just hope there isn’t more then one stop to deal with. I don’t know what time we’ll be leaving here but I’ll probably see in in the afternoon. Woof Rocky


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