Puget Sound and Hyiah Papaya Love Cookies

DSCF0261 This Sand dollar was found on our walk along the sound Steve thinks it’s an omen whatever that means.     Well we finished the first leg of our adventure to see the sage Willy (Wilhelm Von Butt Lic )DSCF0263 He was curious as to why I couldn’t see but indicated he was starting to lose his vision too. We kinda complained bout our cataracts to each other. Steve told Roosevelt about CAN -C which he puts in my eyes.  I’m not sure if they help but I get a treat for holding still and be a good dog.  I got out of the car at a gas station in Ashland Oregon and the attendant gave me a couple of dog biscuits. She was nice and said if she didn’t have to work she would come with us.  But, I don’t know where she’d fit as even I have only enough room to stand up and turn around and I’m a dog – much smaller than a person.  DSCF0240

DSCF0257Here’s that other wise fellow old friend of master and me Roosevelt. I hear he gave steve some important guidance. He told him that there would be many surprises along our quest.  Then he outlined some great places to see near Yellow Stone.  Steve and he played guitar for awhile having fun and sounding okay to my ears.  I hung out on the porch.IMG_0989

Here was our lunch stop (a roadside table at a rest stop).  I had a hardboiled egg that was made by life herself thank you, Hyiah. Steve had yogurt and Hyiah Papaya’s Love Cookies. He also ate a whole bunch along the drive  he says they were delicious.  He didn’t share any with me but I’ll get one yet.  Steve says to tell Hyiah they were delicious and thanks for all the fish,… whatever that means?

The one bummer we had was where this picture was taken. We went for a walk so I could mark the trees, bushes and shrubs as well as read the urine of all the other dogs that roamed that way and while our backs were turned someone stole my “spill free” water bowl.  Oh, well C’est La Vie  DSCF0250 Last stop Puget sound.  I’m told this picture had to cut off parts of the sound as the sun was setting making it hard to photo anything to the west.  However, rest assured this Labrador found his way to the water.  Many times.

Well that’s it for tonight we’ll do some more exploring around the sound tomorrow with Roosevelt and their granddaughter is coming over tomorrow so, I better get my rest tonight !  Sleep tight kids and remember the journey has just begun  Rocky Dogf


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