Getting ready for the road trip.

Something interesting here
Something interesting here!

Well, we’re getting closer to leave as I see master getting all my toys and stuff ready.  He even bought be a new toy to play with in the car. He puts treats in it and I have to figure out how to get them out.  I may be blind but it was child’s play.  After the treats were gone the toy had no more meaning for me but I hope he fills it up again.  He tells me I’m going to have ride in the car for a long time so he doesn’t want me to get bored.  He also bought me a “non-spill” bowl so I can have access to my water without it getting all on my bed – not that I care.  I kinda like being wet, like when we went on our run this morning and I laid down in the water for my drink.  Oh, did I tell you master also bought me a new leash so I can run ahead, stop, smell, pee, or whatever .  It’s 5 me lengths (16 ft) so if I time it right I can stop smell, run pee and there is no tug to come along, Steve doesn’t get so upset as he doesn’t have to keep stopping it’s wonderful!  Along with my “no pull” harness it also helps me keep from running into things as when I am about to run into something Steve presses a button and it doesn’t allow me to keep going in that direction. So, I can have more confidence in my running (not that running into things every stopped me before but it is better for my noggin).  Master Steve wants to say something now.  Rocky


Just a few more days before we take off.  I’ll try to get some great pictures to share.  The first leg is up to my friends Roosevelt, Betty and Willy (Schnauzer dog) where we’ll stay a couple nights and day or so, then on to my brother Ricky’s to visit with him, Chris and Margaux (Standard Poodle) . After that if all goes well we trek east for a week to the east coast.  Hopefully, we’ll get some nice weather and take in some autumn scenes of this great country.  I’m a little concerned about lodging on the way as besides having a dog I need a first floor room as Rocky doesn’t do steps very well due to his limited eye sight, they’re a little daunting.   I don’t know if I’ll get back on before I leave but click follow so you don’t miss any Rocky dog adventures in the norther USA.  Namasté  Steve



2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the road trip.

  1. Hey Rocky, have a great time on your travels with Steve! I’m stuck staying here in Shasta with my person… Julie. But I do get to go to work with her and get lots of attention and even a few treats there!
    Have fun,
    Bella (Julie’s yellow Lab)


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