Master Steve

Steve tells me his sister objects to my calling him master saying it’s “speciest” whatever that means?  I don’t know?  What the word means to me is:  the person I call that brings me food, brushes my coat, tickles my belly, takes me for rides in the car, walks, runs, swims (did I mention gives me food/treats?) and really doesn’t demand anything in return – sometimes he takes me to the vet or tells me “no” – is that such a bad thing?  I’ll keep calling him that but in deference to Aunt Debbie I will use it less.

In fact, I decided to give Steve a voice.  After all, he is doing my bidding and all the typing I think it’s only fair to bring him on board.


I guess I should be thankful as it is easier saying what I want to say for myself then trying to figure out what Rocky wants me to say or at least I should hope so?  Some of the things Rocky wants me to mention are the wonderful smells of the dead grass around Lake Siskiyou the aroma of animal scents all around and the sounds of the running water coming down from the springs.  What I want to say is,… oh never mind I think Rocky has a better perspective on what is important then I do most days!

Anyway, we’re getting ready for our big road trip. Tentative start will be October 1, drive up to Olympia WA, stay a night visit a friend, then up to Bellingham and visit my brother Rick, his lovely wife Chris and Rocky gets to meet Margaux and everybody.  Then, a week traveling across the country stopping when we get tired, curious, or inspired.  We’ll be taking pictures and posting them along the way.  I’m getting a little nervous as I think it is my last big road trip for a long time – next time we’re flying.

Adios, Amigos

Did you hear about my girlfriends?

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