Just checking in in case anyone missed me.  We haven’t begun our road trip yet which I keep asking Master when are we going but he puts me on extinction if I ask too much and I’m like the kid in the car that says “are we there yet”.  I think he used extinction on his kids too! However, he does take me to Greenhorn park frequently and says if the smoke clears up we can go back to the lakes but it’s too smoky there right now.  One thing about the smoke is that it helps master understand my sight limitations. He says when he looks at the mountain through all that smoke and can barely or can’t see it it at all then it’s like how I see things a few feet away – through thick smoke.  I think he gets it now.  Anyway,  talk with you all later when I have more interesting things to say. Until then Namasté and Happy Trails

Rocky Dog

Hiking in Green horn park
Hiking in Green horn park

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