New bling

Hey guess what my master got me some new bling. I’ve got a new harness to wear on our walks.  Master says that with my eye sight getting worse it is better then a neck collar.  Anyway, I dig it.  I don’t have any problem breathing when I want to go someplace master doesn’t want me to go and he pulls on the leash.  He says I can even carry my own water dish on it if we’re going on a long hike.

We went on a hike at Green horn park today it’s one of my favorite places to go as I am getting to know the trails pretty much and there are lots of scents even other dogs to meet and greet while we are there.  In the end, master takes me to the water hole where I lay down, drink until I’m full, get my aching paws wet in the cool water and we go home.

Anyway, master tells me he is planning to take me on a US road trip from the west coast (whatever that is) to the east coast (ditto) taking the northern route one way and the southern route back. I will get to sense different place, get to meet his family and greet Heather and Jasmine again, even Ash so I’m game.  Master says we’ll be in the car a long time but I don’t mind I like riding in the car and sleeping in the car.  However, we won’t leave for at least a moon’s passing.

Well talk with you all later right now I’m going to bed (again).  Have fun.


New harness to replace neck collar
New harness to replace neck collar

6 thoughts on “New bling

  1. Hey Rocky. Nice new harness! I have one too, but it is red. Does your’s have a leash attachment in the front like mine? I sure hope you come visit us on the northern part of your road trip. I could show you my favorite trails and swimming holes.

    Your dog cousin,

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    1. I actually had the kind that the leash attaches to the top but after hearing about your post Margaux I had Master go out and get me a new one. I like it better as it keeps my attention better and you know how hard it is to pay attention to master and humans when there are so many nice smells all around. I get distracted easily but now my leach keeps me focused where master wants to go and when he takes me off the leash the harness is kinda cool. However, for bling I like my black and silver choke collar as it sparkles.


  2. Hey Rocky,

    Human Hyiah here. How great you have your own blog! I have to admit it dredged a bit of guilt in me. Here I am, with nine nice canines at my place, and none have their own blog. I should have been doggie home schooling.

    Your pictorial indicates a dog well-loved (assuming the, “master,” term is from the old, not the dark, side). That’s pawsitively fine to see. Hmmm. If you are having eye problems, perhaps Master could arrange those typing here to appear in LARGER PRINT?



    1. Master reads to me as even with normal dog eye sight I couldn’t see the letters much less make sense of them that’s why master reads to me and I dictate to master what I want to say (Hmm, who is the master here?). Anyway, Steve has been putting eye drops in my eyes three times a day and while I can’t say it helps it doesn’t hurt and kinda soothes them. As far as my own blog we came up with this idea to cross the country and document our travels with pictures and scintillating dialog. Steve and me on our travels kinda like “on the road with Jack Kerouac” but going the other way across the country. I hear Steve may meet you Friday, I hope to be able to inhale your fragrances and get to know you as a dog someday. Namasté


  3. Hi Rocky,
    Well, how did I smell on your master? Was it a good blend? Maybe not–I washed all the horse and goat manure off, before I met him, so I wasn’t nearly so delectable.

    I see you are into yoga, too. There is a site for doga , dog yoga. I wonder if, instead of downward facing dog, upward facing dog and puppy pose, they do downward and upward facing human?

    Namaste’ (or should it be etsaman, since dog is god backwards?)

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    1. I thought you smelt wonderful, I think Master even said he liked your scent (and we both know his sense of smell is far inferior to mine). I’m sure he couldn’t smell all the wonderful horse and goat smells that I could. I could tell you tried to scrub them away but my nose is pretty good at detecting past smell signatures as well as new ones. I can also differentiate between the smell of the quadrupeds like me and you biped humans and identify your sex as well. I loved your personal aroma. However, in order for me to really “see” you better I need to put my nose on you and then I get even more intimate information. I already know I like you and can tell you are kind to animals which is important to both me and master. Hope to touch, feel and smell you up close soon.
      – Rocky


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