Just came back from a run/walk with my master

We took a different route today but I recognized the smells of the park and  kept stopping to smell the scents in this part of the park.  My master Steve – he likes me to call him master as he says people with doctorate degrees get called Doctor so why shouldn’t people with Masters degrees not be called Master?  I’m just a dog so I don’t care and have no problem calling him master.  Anyway, I digress which Steve kept getting upset with on our run as I would forget I was running and stop to smell different things.  Then he’d have to come back to find me as I wasn’t sure which way he went.  Anyway, he would then put the leash on me and we’d continue our run.  I find as long as I don’t have to pee or anything running with the leash is safer as he helps me avoid objects (trees rocks, etc) that may be in the way that I can’t see.  Well, after that it was time to get wet, drink some water and take a nap.  I hope to have more to say and some pictures next time.  Meanwhile, keep on barking – Rocky


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